Recovery Housing

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Lighthouse Recovery Housing Program

Mission Statement

At Lighthouse Recovery Housing (LRH), our mission is dedicated to providing a supportive environment, focusing on offering the resources, structure, and stability essential for your recovery journey. We address critical barriers such as homelessness or poverty, recognizing that Recovery Housing is a vital solution for accessing necessary treatment.

What Lighthouse Provides and What to Bring

  • Essentials Provided: Bed, dresser, lockbox for medications.
  • What You Should Bring: Limited quantity of personal items such as clothing, toiletries, towels, washcloths, bedding, and food.

Our Services

Tailored to Your Recovery Needs

  • Recovery planning
  • Safe, structured, alcohol and drug-free environment
  • Regular house meetings and access to support of your peers
  • Access to community resources and recovery support services

General Admission Requirements

Our inclusive program has no minimum sobriety requirements. Applicants must be capable of independent living and actively engaged in a clinically indicated SUD treatment program.

Your Supportive Community

In LRH, you’ll find more than just housing; you’ll discover a community committed to helping you develop essential life skills for a fulfilling and independent future.

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The Foundational values:

  1. Trust: Building reliability and confidence.
  2. Respect: Creating an environment of mutual understanding.
  3. Accountability: Promoting personal responsibility and growth.
  4. Teamwork: Developing a sense of community and support.

Contact for Questions and Guidance

At Lighthouse Recovery Housing, we provide a safe, structured, and sober environment crucial for overcoming challenges related to substance misuse and mental health conditions. Our sober living program is more than just a place to stay - it's a journey towards a healthier, brighter future.

Keep It Simple - We Must Search Everything

  • Essentials for Recovery: Limit your items to one carry-on size bag. Embrace simplicity as you begin your journey in one of our many recovery homes.
  • Clothing for Comfort and Healing: Up to 10 undergarments and 10 outfits. Comfort is key as you engage in working on your personal recovery plan.
  • Appropriate Footwear: Two pairs of shoes and a pair of shower shoes. Suitable footwear is important for your participation in a variety of recovery support activities
  • Toiletries for Self-Care: Bring alcohol-free toiletries. Personal care is an integral part of your healing process.
  • Seasonal Items: Adapt to the local climate with necessary seasonal items like coats and gloves.
  • Materials for Reflection and Growth: Recovery-related materials that can be your source of strength. We support all paths to recovery.
  • Identification and Essentials: Photo ID, insurance card, minimal money, and essential electronics such as a cell phone are important for your stay.
  • Personal Touches of Comfort: Personal bedding or stuffed animals (twin size) are welcome. If unavailable, we will provide them.
  • Nutrition on Your Journey: Unopened food items are allowed. Proper nutrition is vital during your recovery.
  • Medications for Health and Safety: Prescription medicines must be in their original bottles, with full prescriptions and refills.

Items Not to Bring

For the safety of our community across all our recovery homes, please avoid bringing weapons, contraband, illegal substances, or paraphernalia.