Your Addiction Recovery Journey Starts Now

Lighthouse Behavioral Health Solutions offers more than just recovery – we provide a path to thriving again. With multiple drug and alcohol treatment centers throughout Ohio, we are dedicated to guiding you through your unique journey to recovery. Our compassionate team is committed to delivering evidence-based and effective substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health treatment services, tailored to your individual needs.

What to Expect When Checking In

Upon arrival at our centers, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment, including a urine screen and medical consultations, to ensure a care plan that’s personalized for you.

Your introduction to our treatment services includes an in-depth orientation to familiarize you with our treatment protocols and recovery housing, reflecting our dedication to personalized addiction treatment. Our admission team aims to make your experience comfortable and is always available to assist and support throughout this process.

Items Not to Bring

For the safety of our community across all our treatment centers, please avoid bringing weapons, contraband, illegal substances, or paraphernalia. 

Admissions FAQs

Can I leave and come back?

We prefer you stay for the entirety of the process. If you leave, you will be asked to provide a new urine screen upon return.

Can I go where my significant other or family member is?

No, we do not admit family members or couples at the same location, but will happily discuss location options with you if admitted.

Can I bring all my stuff?

If accepted into our housing program, there is limited space with no storage options so please consult our housing page for guidance on what to bring.

Can I take a cigarette break?

Yes, you are allowed to step outside the building to smoke a cigarette or vape. Provided that you stay in our smoking area, you will be able to smoke when requested and return without completing a new urine screen.
caregiver supporting client through recovery

Start Your New Chapter With Unparalleled Support

You’re just a phone call away from new beginnings. Together, we curate a recovery plan unique to your own needs and goals. Call our admissions team today to get started.