About Lighthouse

At Lighthouse, substance use disorder treatment is more than just recovery – its individuals living and thriving again. Our compassionate team of caregivers provides evidence-based and effective substance use disorder (SUD) and mental health treatment. Caring is here. Belonging is here. Hope is here.

We are continually working to remove the barriers standing between our clients and access to care in their community: helping them restore their dignity, wellness and joy for life.

Caring is here.

Belonging is here.

Hope is here.

We pride ourselves in living by our Four Core Values.


Our culture at Lighthouse is different, we couple our passion for recovery with empathy to deliver top notch care for our clients as well as each other.

Approach …

Our approach to substance use disorder treatment provides a continuum of care that begins with asking for help and continues through support in a life of recovery. In addition to our treatment facilities, we offer recovery housing and peer support centers. Lighthouse works hard to remove barriers and promote access to care through our compassionate approach and evidence based clinical treatment.

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Culture of Caring

Lighthouse offers a caring environment, supportive community, and a safe space for clients to move through their recovery journey. Our staff remain alongside the clients to provide clinical expertise and essential daily needs. They care about the physical and mental health of our clients and their success.

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